The visit of Meir Ya'ari, head of the Mapam movement (third from left) to Warsaw in 1946. In the background: the ruins of the Judenrat building. Haika: second from right.
Haika served as the representative of the Halutz and the HaShomer HaTzair movements in the Central Jewish Committee - the official representative of Polish Jews after the war. In May 1945 she met for the first time with the leaders of the movement, as a member of the delegation of Polish Jews at the Zionist Conference in London.


As a member of the Central Committee of Polish Jews, she took part in the first assembly to commemorate the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which took place in Warsaw in 1945.


In 1946 she was a member of the Mapam delegation to the Zionist Conference in Switzerland. The picture shows the members of the delegation: Abraham Shlonsky, Josef Yambour, Haika, Moshe Pomerantz and Hanan Rubin.


In 1946 she was a member of the delegation of Polish Jews to the United States.

In May 1948, at the beginning of the War of Independence, Haika immigrated to Israel.

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