Meir took this photo in 1936
on the eve of his departure
for Israel

Haika had separated from Meir Orkin, her childhood friend and counselor in the Hashomer youth movement, when he immigrated to Israel in 1936. In May 1948, during the War of Independence, she finally immigrated to Israel herself.

She at first went to
Kibbutz Ein Ha-Shofet, and
about half a year later
moved to Kibbutz Evron.
There Haika and Meir were

The happy young couple, Haika and Meir,
with their eldest daughter, Leah.

The family in 1949 - 1950
Haika: head of the Ga'aton
Local Council/ Meir: chauffeur
of her official "car".

After the battles of the
War of Independence ended
in 1949, Haika wrote her
book: "People of the Underground".
The day she finished it,
she gave birth to her first
daughter, Leah.

In 1953 her second daughter,
Yosefa, was born. and as
the years went by Haika became
the proud grandmother of three
grandchildren. Here she is
happily cuddling Roni, Leah's
son, born in 1978.

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